Paul Van Liedekerke,


INRIA Paris & Sorbonne Universités UPMC Paris 6, France
tel. +33 (0)1 80 49 43 18

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•2013-now Ingénieur expert/ Research associate, INRIA de Paris.

•2011 Scientific visitor Fraunhofer institute Freiburg, Germany

•2007-2012 Post-doctoral researcher KULeuven, Belgium

•2001-2007 Research engineer/ PhD student, KULeuven, Belgium

•1976 Born somewhere in Belgium...


• Habilitation à diriger les recherches (Sorbonne Unversité Paris VI, 2019) ”

• PhD in applied Biological Sciences - modeling of granular flow (K.U.Leuven, Belgium, 2007). Title : "Study of the granular fertilizers and the centrifugal spreader using Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulations ”

• Post graduate in Environmental Sciences and Technologies (University of Ghent, 2001). Title : "A statistical study to relate physical parameters and psychological effects in the experience of noise".

• Master of Physics (University of Ghent, Belgium, 1999). Title : "A study of the atmospheric dispersion model HYSPLIT for Kr-85".


•September 2018: Invited lecturer for EU ImageInLife - Marie Curie fellowship students (Seignosse, France).

•2013-2017: Visiting professorship at the KULeuven for the course ”Modeling of Tissue Physiology“ (Prof. H. Ramon and Prof H. Van Oosterwyck, KULeuven, Belgium).

•2015-2016: 4 contact hours in master course ”Towards the systems biology of multi-cellular tissues: Single-cell-based models and beyond“ (Prof. D Drasdo, Paris IV - Jussieu).

•2008-2009: Teaching assistant for the course ”Control engineering“ - exercises (by Prof. H. Ramon, KULeuven).


• 01/07/2016- now: Experimental biology group of Frederic Lemaigre (Institut de Duve, Belgium): model for study of the development bile ducts in embryo’s. • 01/07/2012- now: Experimental physics group of prof. Pierre Nassoy (Institute Optique, Bordeaux) on the development of the novel “Cellular Capsule Technique”, to analyze the mechanical behavior and fate of tumor cells under confinement using experimental and numerical techniques. • 01/07/2012- now: Biomechanics group of prof. Hans Van Oosterwijck (KULeuven) on the develop- ment of a computational ECM model to predict mechanical stresses during angiogenesis. Supervision of PhD student Tommy Heck. • 01/07/2012- now: Experimental group of P. Chavrier (Institute Curie, Paris) studying invasion patterns in in-vitro spheroids embedded in ECM. • 30/04/2011- 01/12/2012: R&D of company MOBA, The Netherlands. • 2007-2011: Department of Computer Science, K.U.Leuven (Prof. D. Roose). • 2006-2007: R&D of company BASF, Germany. • 2001-2006: R&D of company AMAZONE WERKE, Germany and DELVANO, Belgium.